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My goal is to make you at ease.

Hello! I am 26 years old who’s passionate in doing difficult things in an easier way. I love exploring things I haven’t done and that’s the reason why I’m a  freelancer for hire today! If you’re looking for someone who is flexible to do tasks, hiring me is the best option.




QuickPro Academy

I learned a lot about freelancing through this Online Courses offered. I am now currently attending classes about Web Development, Bookkeeping and Social Media Admin.


Mariano Marcos State University

I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education, major in Preschool Education. Here, it taught me how to be organize in any work-related and be responsible with all things.


Bacarra National Comprehensive High School

In this school, it taught me the basic skills and knowledge for my college preparation.


San Agustin Elementary School

Playing, chatting with friends, those are the only things I can remember during those days.



Freelance Photographer

I collaborate with other photographers sometimes depending on the event to be covered. I take prenups, wedding, birthday, baptismal and other kinds of event.


Network Marketer

We market online through sending our prospects a sales funnel. I have an automated Facebook Page and I run an Ads and setting the desired targets for me to get potential buyers.


P. Gomez Elementary School

I was an adviser of Grade 2. I’ve learned a lot in this school. As a teacher, I organize my students data offline/online and make sure that all data are true and correct. 


Call Center Agent

I worked in Concentrix as a Sales Agent of Apple. I negotiate with American clients through chat. As a Sales Agent, our main goal is to guide each customer and lead them with the right gadget they’re looking for.


  • I am a fast learner. 
  • I do difficult things in an easier way.
  • I do multi-tasking.
  • I write short novels.
  • I am energetic in all work-related.

Special Skills

Web Designing 65%
Quickbook 75%
Microsoft Excel 90%
Photography 91%
Photo Editing 86%
Product Selling 90%

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Through my simple ways, I can do incredible things.