Chona D. Villalon

Freelancer / Graphic Designer

Hi! I'm

Chona Villalon

I’m a Professional Licensed Civil Engineer and a Freelancer. 

I’m always up to challenge and never stop learning to pursue and and discover my hidden potential by accepting challenging roles that will develop my skills more and be a part of progressive organization that gives a scope to continue enhance my knowledge and utilizing my skills towards the growth of the organization


November, 2020 to Present

Freelancer / Graphic Designer

QucikPro Online Academy

May, 2018 to February, 2020

Project Coordinator

Baldo Construction and Development Corporation

July, 2013 to April 18, 2018

Sr. Project Engineer



Mary Eckermann

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Professional Profile

November 2006 – Board Passer

Civil Engineering Licensure Examination


Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers

Negros Orinetal Chapter - Chapter no.15 Dumaguete City


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