Hello I'm, Sean Hernandez

Graphics Editor & Website Designer

Hi, Welcome to my Resume Website. I'm very eager to start working with you! Please feel free to take a tour at my website. All the skills related in online jobs that I learned are all indicated here.

My Professional Journey And My Skill

FB ADS 94%
Adobe PhotoShop 2020 71%
Excel 98%
WordPress 89%



I just recently started my training this year under Quickpro and apply some skills that learned to them as my practice. I used my resume as a chance to show you the skills that I learned on them and the ability to grow your company.

I am encouraging myself to go out to my comfort zone to face the challenges, challenges that makes me grow and improve my current skills and to learn new skills.

I Offer Services According To My Skills

Facebook Advertisement

         This video, demo the works of Facebook Advertisement. I made it to show that I’m capable to work as Facebook advertiser. There is a lot of technique that not included because I made it just as a demo and I intentionally didn’t insert my bank account to the demo for my bank account security. I hope you enjoy watching.


           This video, demo the works of Many chat.  This skill can help the client to assist multiple lead that inquire for the same time and also has the record of how many leads that inquire. This way we can bring convenient to the client and avoid backing out. By doing this we can show them how we try our best to help them.  

Photoshop 2020

              This video, demo how to use photoshop. It is important to learn photoshop because this is use in graphic design which many companies used to attract there customer.

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