Shaira Ochotorena

Creatives Specialist




Finest Honey CDO

Managed the social media account of my personal business which enabled me to find potential customers and increased my products’ sales. Created and designed marketing collaterals for the business and posted them in social media.


Tuscany Highlands

Worked as a Digital Marketing Specialist for the business with various roles including social media marketer and manager, website developer and graphic designer for social media graphic posts and product label designs. Built and designed an e-commerce website for the business 


Department of Information and Communications Technology

Managed the Official Facebook page of DICT. Created engaging contents, designed posters, infographics, flyers, t-shirts during events, toolkits for seminars, etc. Created and edited videos for post-event documentation.


I am highly creative, organized, responsible, and resourceful. I think of ideas and solutions in a creative and strategic manner. I can manage any project that comes my way with greater efficiency. I take initiative and strive to exceed expectations. I have the ability to deliver and manage quality content on time with 101% client satisfaction.



BS Electronics Engineering



Social Media Management and General Virtual Assistance Course

Website Development Course Using WordPress


Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Course


Design Thinking and UX Design Workshop

Skills & TOOLS

Graphic Design 90%
Video Editing 85%
Social Media Management 80%
Social Media Marketing 80%
Website Design 80%
Microsoft Office 95%
Canva 95%
Adobe Creative Suites 90%
Google Workspace 90%
WordPress 80%

Social Media Graphics

Video Thumbnails

Print Designs

I create and design graphics for social media, flyers, banners, posters, product label and a lot more. I know what makes a strong image, how to put together an organized, appealing design, and know how to adjust designs to fit various screen sizes. I can help you get the message across and make sure it gets where it needs to go.

I can help put your customers or business in the spotlight through video editing. You will have the power to create feel-good content that represents you and your business. Instead of spending time recapping stories and creating static slideshows, I can help turn your raw footage into a high quality reality. So if you want more eyes on your business, I can help you make better videos!

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I can take care of your online reputation so you can commit your time to content generation and customer acquisition. I  can strategically leverage your social media audience using time-tested approaches that work for top brands like yours!

I can create websites with full functioning pages, responsive designs and complete with plug-ins and animations. I can also provide newsletters, membership plug-ins, videos, image galleries and more. 

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