Shaira Ochotorena

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About Me:

Creative and dedicated Graphic Designer passionate in helping businesses enhance their branding and boost sales through engaging and innovative digital and print designs. Feel free to check below what more I can do for you and your business.


Two Major Personality Traits

I am a person who never gives up on something I aim to finish. I also admit my limitations, but that won’t stop me from aiming higher.

Highly Motivated

My Works

Here are some samples of my works so far…

Bruno Mars: Concert Poster (Adobe Illustrator)


Big or small, every accomplishment we have in life is part of what makes us who we are today.

Graphic Designer / Web Developer / Social Media Manager: Tuscany Highlands

Contact Client:

Social Media Manager: Finest Honey CDO

Contact Owner:
09151277394 or 51779852

Freight Admin Supervisor: Del Monte Philippines, Inc.

Contact Manager:

Project Development Officer: Department of Information and Communications Technology

Contact Team Leader:
09151277394 or 51779852

Associate Software Engineer: Accenture

Contact Recriter:
09151277394 or 51779852

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