Ryan Ross Rojas

General Virtual Assistant


About Me

Hi, my name’s Ryan Ross V. Rojas and I’m your General Virtual Assistant, I grew up here in Manila and my favorite hobbies are playing PC and Mobile Games and spending time with my son. The reason I love being a General Virtual Assistant is that I get to help businesses to increase their income and to sort and organize and maintain a better flow for their business. I also know other stuff such as Video Editing and Graphic Design. Lastly, my internet speed is 90MBPS both Download and Upload. Talk to you soon!



Graphic Design/Photo Editing 80%
Web Developing 60%
Video Editing 80%
Powershell Scripting 60%


Customer Service Representative

I worked with a total of four BPO companies and handled international accounts for the past six years assigned to assist customers through chat, emails, and both inbound and outbound.

IT Helpdesk

I assisted international end-users for the leading credit card company worldwide by providing backdoor access using Active Directory, Office 365, Powershell Scripting, and Azure.

Detailed Work Experience

Worked as a Collections/Back Office Representative for the leading Listing Directory in the United States From April 2015 To Jan 2017.
Handled Technical Support for the leading Dish Cable Provider in the United States From May 2017  To Oct 2017.
Worked as a Customer Service Representative for one of the leading E-Commerce in the United States From Nov 2017 To Feb 2020.
Handled Customer Service for the leading Energy Provider in Australia From March 2020 To Feb 2021.
Worked as an IT Helpdesk for one of the leading Credit Card providers in the United States From April 2021 To June 2022.


Feel free to contact me through my social profiles