About Me

Hi! Raphael here, an online freelancer professionally specialized in Copywriting and Sales Closing.

I create High-Converting and Value-Driven Social Media Captions, Emails, Sales Page/ Landing Page, VSLs.

I write words that will turn your potential leads into buying and loyal customers

My mission is to provide my clients with quality services that will boost their income and productivity to an optimum level.

and Training

QuickPro Online Academy

Online Business Masterclass Student
2020 - Present

8FC Intensive Mentorship

Clint Sistoso and Ray Pang SH's Mentee
2020 - Present

Stefan Georgi's RMBC

2020 - Present

University of Cebu - Maritime Education and Training Center Campus

Senior High School
2019 - Present



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I write ZEBRA emails wherein zebras do standout anywhere, so is my email. Under it are Emotional Story email, Topical News Story email and Contrarian Email

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Need a trained Copywriter? You are more than welcome to message me. Schedule an interview, give me a call, or send me the job description. I reply pronto within the day.


Hit me up at:

+63 999-828-7359


Majkel Custodio

➼CEO of QuickPro Academy

Clint Sistoso

➼Global Chief Copywriter

Ray Pang SH

➼Founder of Speaker Agency ➼Co-Founder of Addicted to Success Academy