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Rammuel Jake Ramos - Color and arts can pattern your life


Our life is Colorful it's Not just black and white

My background is all about designing and living in a colorful life but sometimes even black and white does not exist. 
I’m a Degree holder in Bachelor in Science of Psychology. I picked that course to understand people around me. It’s interesting and Fun sometimes it’s sad and disappointing.  

I got a working experience in a BPO company Such as WingTel and KPO company with Appen Global I was a Customer Representative and an Image Annotator, then Shifted to a Construction Worker as a Laborer, then a waiter in a restaurant. But right now I am so focused on achieving this dream of becoming a successful Graphic Artist, This is my calling. I love art it defines every failure and succession of my journey in life. I dedicate myself and never leave a project till I satisfy or Impress my clients


The Vision

reinventing The Love of Abstract Designs

“What’s the use of pockets that are full but you’re passion is colorless”

“There was a man who lived full of hate and fear,  Even black and white can not be seen, Once he find a color of nature, then he see’s Love and Art”

The Mission

The Magic of Art in My Designs

“To Inspire others that life is full of Art that consist of every color that is represented by each trials”

Original designs and photos

Old to Latest Designs


"Body Made from love can be also Craft From Art"


"Age is just a number"

"From Inspiration to the Love of my life made by Art"

Super CAr

"Even Dreams can be made by Art"


"Even Nature Comes From Art"

Designs on canvA



I got more Designs here. I can give you a tour. I’m sure you are going to love it. See you there. 


What People say


Cora Ramos

Portrait 40x70

Your Pictures are great. Looking forward to get more. Thank you 


Aleiyah Cooper

Abstract Painting 20x20

Hola Nena! This is basically amazing. Continue Growing and Glowing. Te Amo Mas Jake! 


Vince Tan

Landscape 120x80

I can’t believe what you can do with a simple picture. It really comes alive. Great Job Bro! 


JY Olpindo

Portrait 60x80

Damn Jake! I know you had it in you little bro. Keep Progressing. I know now where to run for Designs. Thanks Young bro!