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Hi, I’m Ronald Andrew

Online Business Consultant

Through the years, I was already with trainings and productivity and almost always given time to present and share, and it has given me the opportunity to impart new set of  skills and knowledge we can apply when we play our new game online. “Change before we have to.”


i4ward Int. Charitable Inc.

2017 - Present

Senior Associate

Up to date, connected to a Non-profit organization a charitable institution as a Senior Associate Member giving Leadership Seminars, Workshops, coaching and livelihood.


2014- Present

Secondary Teacher

3 years teaching in a Diocesan School, 2 years  in an International School and at present in the Department of Education, Public School Teacher

Advance Data Co.


Sales Consultant

2 years being a sales consultant on a  Computer Sales and Rental Business


We have developed a strategy, an online training program that you can access to improve vital actions in running your business and bringing it online. Consultation choices are made available for you below!

Lets provide your business with a way to engage with existing costumers and reach new ones and determine data analytics to track the success of your business activities.

Lets make it easy for you to get more relevant people into your sales funnel by giving them a reason to trust you and the business.

Consistently use the right methods to engage with your target audience in social media platforms.

Today, people are increasingly shifting online. Online Portfolio helps you get to prospects at any time on any places.

It is useful in a professional setting, allow you to have high market value because people will know about our expertise and experiences.

It is consist of different task you can apply so you can effectively hit and follow your goals every single week up until to 56 days

In this part we will be giving assessment and tools on how your business or your company creates program in this new normal, in a form of Micro, Meso and Macro activities as a success roadmap.

Creating more leads, identifying potential prospects and engagement

  • Breakthrough
  • Growth
  • Results
  • Organization

Consider Social Media and The Next Normal

  • Redesigning the way we do business.


Get access on the exclusive training sessions with the country’s top of the line inspirational speakers, life and business consultants.

Robert Rances
Francis Kong

Life Coach
Applied Neuroscience Specialist
Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach

Book Author,
Business Coach
Inspirational Speaker

Maj Custodio

CEO – QuickPro
Business Coach
Inspirational Speaker


We all know there are specific strategies marketing experts use to build a strong digital foundation; producing relevant content, tactics, creating a social media platform and so much more. But none of that matters if you’re lacking the ambition to get started. Our achievements on projects and progress on companies we handled are shown statistics that we can be good partners.

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