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About Us

Created for persons who loves cooking

Yeah, you heard it right! This site was created so that persons who love cooking can have their recipe guide for all dishes that can be prepare in Philippine setting.

Our Chefs

Award Winning

Claude Tayag

Tony Boy Escalante

Sau Del Rosario

Nino Laus

CLaude Tayag
5 star chef

Claudio Suarez Tayag (born 7 August 1956), more popularly known as Claude Tayag, is a Filipino artist, restaurateur and food writer. He is best known for depicting scenes of impressionistic landscapes and scenes of Philippine folk festivals and religious imagery in his art. In recent years, he has written and been involved with Philippine gastronomy both as renowned chef and as food writer with his weekly column, Turo-Turo (Filipino for pinpoint) on The Philippine Star. A scion of the Tayag family of Pampanga, he is the son of author and journalist, Renato D. Tayag.

tony boy escalante
5 star chef

Chef Tony Boy Escalante is a multi-awarded chef from the Philippines. His signature restaurant Antonio’s is the only Filipino restaurant to make it to the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2015. Chef Tony Boy is also the 2014 World Gourmet Summit Manitowoc Restaurateur of the Year.

Inspired by his travels around the world as a flight attendant, Chef Tony Boy decided to pursue his life’s passion to be a professional chef. He did so by enrolling in the TAFE Institute in Adelaide and accepting small kitchen jobs during his stint there. He credits Australia as having taught him more about working with fresh produce and various flavours and kick-starting his culinary journey.

sau del rosario
5 star chef

Chef Sau del Rosario, one of the most in-demand private chefs in Manila, is promoting sustainable and organic cuisine, not only in his restaurant Le Bistro Vert but also in every private dining experience encounter. There are only two chefs in Manila who are known as “green” chefs, namely Chef Tatung and Chef Sau.

Recently, Chef Sau partnered with Philips MyKitchen to promote healthy cooking at home using MyKitchen appliances. Coincidentally, it is also Mercato Centrale’s vision to have healthy and organic ingredients conveniently available every Saturday and Sunday morning @ Bonifacio Global City.


nino laus
5 star chef

Niño Laus works at Ninyo Fusion Cuisine, Alamat Filipino Pub, and Agimat Foraging Bar and Kitchen.  He has been cooking since 2002. He shares that his mom loved to cook and that they were very close to her growing up. So, at a young age, he was exposed to the smells and flavors in the kitchen, and all the love put into making meals. He admits that he never thought it would become his passion, though. “I had a difficult time in school, always getting into trouble and my grades weren’t great. So when it was time to apply for college, I took HRM in CSB – not because I was interested in it, but because it was one of the few courses without math,” he laughs. “I never thought that this choice would lead me to discovering my passion. I excelled in the cooking classes. I saw the kitchen as my playground where I got to expel my energy and creativity. The rest is history.”

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