Debbie June Tadena

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2017 - 2022 January

Graphic Artist

Creating designs for Invitations, T-shirts, Posters and so much more! .

2013 - 2016

Freelance Photographer

I’m a Freelance Events Photographer in Davao city. Works have been published in M Magazine, Olive Magazine, Urban Living and several newspapers. 

About Me

Goal-oriented Social Media manager with a passion for design and a desire to use my creative skills to produce meaningful and sustainable projects.



Web Developer Course
Amazon FBA
Quickbooks Book Keeping


Digital / Silkscreen Printing


B. S. in Customs Administration


Photoshop / Canva 89%
WordPress / Web Developer 61%
Illustrator / InDesign 50%
Amazon FBA / Quickbooks Book keeping 64%
Microsoft Office Applications 85%
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I know website design. I can create websites with full functioning pages, responsive designs and complete with plug-ins and animations. I can also provide newsletters, membership plug-ins, videos, image galleries and more.


Editing videos comes a long way. I know how to add effects on both audio and video, manage timing and emotions to create powerful videos.

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I know everything about Amazon. How they handle shipping, how they manage their clients. Assist clients abroad with their amazon FBA account. This includes product listing, customer support, social media management, utilizing influencers and promoting their Amazon store as well.

I’m also a Shopify expert and even learn to create your own Shopify store and start selling items online without owning a single product!

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I have been trained to do bookkeeping and also the utilization of QuickBooks in accountant works. I can generate reports on profit and losses, general balance fees and so much more.


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Need an expert? You are more than welcome to contact me. Schedule an interview, give me a call, or send me the job description. I reply promptly within the day.

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