Ramses M. Peliña

Web Developer / Designer




Get Exposed in the field of:

  • Pattern Recognition based on Deep Learning (Digital Image Processing)
  • LED Lighting and its Application
  • Machine Learning
  • IOT Devices such as LORA Technology

About Me

I’m a Creative Web Developer with experience in creating websites and to have alluring and irresistible sales, and excellent problem-solving skills that can enhance your company’s bottom line. I love to implement winning strategies through creative methods and demonstrate expertise in promoting business goals and objectives.

 I’m quick at adapting to changes like accepting ambiguity and uncertainty and not let them prevent me from trying new things, respond quickly, aware of those changes, and continuously improve my provision of services and prepare for unforeseen circumstances. Lastly, I am also passionately love for my niche so expect that I’m gonna exert my effort for you to have a very good result.



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My Achievements


WordPress 95%
Canva 98%
Microsoft Office 365 0%
Python 0%
Html & CSS 0%
Adobe Photoshop 0%
Adobe Illustrator 1%
Adobe Premiere 0%
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I’m knowledgeable about website design. I can construct websites with full functioning pages, responsive designs and complete with plug-ins and animations. I can also provide newsletters, membership plug-ins, videos, image galleries and more. Click Here to view the website.

Im knowledgeable for editing in Canva, I can make you and help you to create a logo and for your social media post.

Get in touch with me

Need an expert? You are more than welcome to contact me. Schedule an interview, give me a call, or send me the job description. Please state your desired appointment time on the message box, along with your designated time zone. My current time zone is the Philippines (GMT+8). I reply promptly within the day.

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