My First Running Marathon

       I never really thought that I would be into running. All thanks for being broken hearted. It pushed me to try this kind of sports. I wanted to try something that I never tried before. I wanted to explore and discover things in myself.

       Well, my first marathon was a company event. I was really hesitant join in it because I hate running in the first place. And I was not doing any exercises before except when I was in elementary and high school because it was really required. But that was long time ago so my muscle was not ready for a marathon. I had this colleague in my work who listed my name in the event and got me the form for me without even my approval. She said it was no turning back anymore, she even decided the size of my shirt for the event. So, I was like, “okay I will do it”. I thought It would be easy because it was just 3km short distance run.

      In the event day, I was so excited to run even without training or any physical exercises. Before we start, there were some stretching and Zumba. The emcee announced, the first 25 participant who would reach the finished line will receive a medal. In my mind, “So easy this is just 3 km run, I can make it to the top 25”.

       Then the race began, I was so confident that I could finish the race in short period of time. I didn’t know why I think this way that time. knowing I didn’t have any training.

      I was not yet reaching the first kilometer, I was already running out of breath. It was like I wanted to stopped right away. I think it was just 10 steps then my heart was already pounding too fast. What I did was, ran a little then walked more until I reached the finished line. I really thought I would not be able to finished the race because, it was so tiring and seems like I was running so many miles but then, I didn’t see yet the finished line.

     My goal to be on top 25 was not accomplished. I learned and realized that this was not easy as I thought. I should not be underestimated this kind of sport. It was like, I ate all I said before and I was so embarrassed that I think that way.

     Even though, I didn’t reach my goal, I enjoyed a lot. There was a good feeling inside me that I couldn’t explain or maybe because I was just happy that I had finished the race. The satisfaction after crossing the finished line was already accomplishment. The important thing was I didn’t quit and still continue even I was already struggling. I said to myself, this was not the last. This was just the beginning of my new journey on being an athlete. And I promised to myself that would change now into an active lifestyle and train hard for my next marathon.