our blends

Tasty coffee that instantly brighten up your day. Whether its cappuccino, vanilla or mocha, we use the finest ingredients to produce these mouth watering coffee.

“Smoky aroma, set inside a lovely cafeteria.”

It was an real incredible experience for me. The quality of food was only matched by the quality of service I got. I wish I can keep the flavor in my mouth for ever. Thanks for making the evening an unforgettable one.
Sandra Files

perfect ambiance

Mi CAFE has an ambiance that is so relaxing and very comfortable for our MiCAFEnians! Whether you had a good or bad day, Mi CAFE was here for you!

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Fresh Coffee

This isn’t just a coffee because this is a taste that you will never forget! You will surely love the aftertaste and aroma of our best tasting coffee.

Our Coffee Collection

The best way to experience our wide collection of coffee is to visit the store. Follow the aromas and choose the most enticing coffee to satisfy your palate.

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