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What's My Motto

Share happiness to people and enjoy the moment. "A happy family is but an earlier heaven."

Mateo on Sessions...

Who Am I? A Family that prays together stays together. A long time creation using power point featuring 105 family members.
Feed your soul and listen to music that reminds you that GOD should be the center of all things.
A short film featuring your loveones as your actors can promote good camaraderree to them while young.
Smile is free. Take effort to conquer your fear by doing things that will make you smile (Adventure).
Traveling together with your family is the most precious thing you can do in life. Sharing the joy and having fun with them is a gem. Cherish the smile on their faces and treasure the moment.
Untitled design
Sing for joy. Performing and sharing your music to strange people you don't even know and appreciating their effort of watching you instead of doing something else. It's a start of a great relationship with someone strange but a great friend indeed.
Sing with friends and family in the comfort of your home. Being locked for to long because of the pandemic can lead to depression. Entertain yourself by creating your own version of your favorite songs.
Raggae Tagalog Music One Day - Matisyahes Kumusta ka aking Mahal Usok - Chocolate Factory Dahil Mahal Kita Naaalala Ka - Himig ng Pag ibig Ilalim - Chocolate Factory Versace on the Floor Kahit maputi na ang (1)
Listen to good music. While relaxing play music that suits your personality and make you smile.

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Quis m iucunda exaudire si claram angeum dis netus nec hac scomata si usus optio liber contumeliam nibh enim.​



It’s really a great masterpiece.  The video is nice and the audio bro.  It sounds incredible, it is an excellent cover video. Have you heard of Sessions?  You will kill it there.


Walt Grunewald

You are really a great video creator bro.   And also you have a great voice. Hats off to you bro!



This is great..  Let me offer you to join sessions.  Basically you sing to our global audience of fans and then we pay you!  Would you like to know more about this? 😃 if you have any questions you can ask me in my instagram account.  You can also feature your video creations as you are going to use it on your performances.


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