Mark Kenchi V. Imperial

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2019 - Present

Appointment setter

Provide support to a company’s sales team by calling prospective clients and scheduling appointments for them to speak with a salesperson. …I typically work in a call center or traditional office setting and report directly to a sales leader or team manager


Web Developer

Front-end web developers are responsible for how a website looks. I create the site’s layout and integrate graphics, applications (such as a retail checkout tool), and other content. I also write webdesign programs in a variety of computer languages, such as HTML or JavaScript.


Woocommerce Developer

WooCommerce is the most popular and arguably best eCommerce plugin for WordPress, and its integration allows me  to include both great SEO value and eCommerce ability. 

About Me

I am flexible, reliable and possess excellent time keeping skills. I am an enthusiastic, self-motivated, reliable, responsible and hard working person. I am a mature team worker and adaptable to all challenging situations. I am able to work well both in a team environment as well as using own initiative



UI & UX Course


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering


College of Education Website


Photoshop 94%
WordPress 94%
Illustrator 94%
InDesign 93%
Html & CSS 96%
Video Editing 96%
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I know website design. I can create websites with full functioning pages, responsive designs and complete with plug-ins and animations. I can also provide newsletters, membership plug-ins, videos, image galleries and more.

Editing videos comes a long way. You will be taught how to add effects on both audio and video, you will be taught how to manage timing and emotions an also how to utilize these skills on creating powerful videos.

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Learn everything about Amazon. How they handle shipping, how they manage their clients. Assist clients abroad with their amazon FBA account. This includes product listing, customer support, social media management, utilizing influencers and promoting their Amazon store as well.

Learn Everything about Ebay How they Handle Shipping how they manage their clients and make them satisfy
for their service and will buy and order more for a wonderful experience, Assist clients aboard with their amazon, FBA account This Include Listing,Customer Support Social Media Management, Utilizing influencers and promoting their Ebay store as well.





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Master website design and become a real pro. You will be taught how to use plugins, pages, links, SEO, designs and animations to make your Website fashionable and functional!

Master website design and become a real pro. You will be taught how to use plugins, pages, links, SEO, designs and animations to make your Website fashionable and functional!

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