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Metro Manila is the seat of government in the Philippines. Being a capital of the country, many white- and blue-collar employees work here for the well-known companies. As a fast-paced environment, the life here happens quickly and continuously. People are moving from one task to another without much time in between or juggling multiple duties at the same time. Due to this, Filipinos don’t have the time to prepare for their own food and choosing fast food chains or street food in order to survive for their everyday life. For this reason, the founder of Mama Nanay’s Home Cooking came up with the idea to give these hardworking Filipinos the food service that they truly deserve. Since most of the Filipinos working here are far from their home just to taste their mothers’ cooking, Mama Nanay is here for them.



What we can offer:

  • Delicious, safe, and healthy food to our customers
  • All-time favorite Filipino food will be served.

What you will get:

  • You will not forget your name when you taste it but you’ll remember your mother’s cooking which will surely make you feel like home.
  • Even if you don’t have the time to prepare for your own food because you are busy, Mama Nanay will prepare and deliver it just for you.
  • Since you don’t know what to eat but you’re getting tired of eating fast-food meals around you, Mama Nanay got you.

Mama Nanay's


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Mama Nanay's

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Mama Nanay's


Mama Nanay's Home Cooking

Ang Cooking ng Ina Mo

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