Lord Bolton Amahit

Facebook Media Buyer


Career Overview

I am a Facebook Media Buyer. I believe that Businesses are now adapting to Digital Transformation; that’s why Digital Marketing is vital. As a Facebook Media Buyer, I am responsible for setting up campaigns, from the testing phase to monitoring the ads. When to kill and scale an ad based on the set metric guidelines. My main focus is to help my client to increase sales thru Facebook advertising. I am committed to my role and maintain competency. I can assure to give outstanding results, long-term relationships, and professionalism to my work.

Key Competencies

  • Setting up Campaigns
  • Detailed targeting 
  • Ad set monitoring on when to kill ineffective ads.
  • Metrics monitoring
  • Scaling (Vertical and Horizontal)
  • Re-targeting 

Academic background

Facebook Advertising

2021 / Facebook Advertising for E-commerce and Dropshipping by Coach Dearly Plinky Llamzon

Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management

2014-2018 / STI College


Facebook Advertising for E-commerce and Dropshipping Online Course

by Coach Dearly Plinky Llamzon

Facebook Advertising

The Leads that I got after I ran a 1 day campaign with only $5 (250 in Philippine peso) Budget. I also did the creative for this lead generation campaign.

Facebook will only show us 20 Interests when searching for target audience, which is these interests is being high on competency since it is more likely used by Advertisers, that’s why we pay more on Facebook doing Ads.

So, the Solution on this, is we need to use the hidden interest to target more audience.

When it comes to advertising, creatives is one the most important aspect. It is the most efficient way to create memorable, long-lasting impressions for your customer, and it is a great way for you to build your brand. Here is my sample work using Canva.




“I believe in running an ads, what you’re buying is Data. Sales is only result from the adjustment made based on the understanding of the data we collected.”


Contact Information

Need an expert? You are more than welcome to contact me. Schedule an interview, give me a call, or send me the job description. I reply promptly within the day.

Email: [email protected]