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2013 - Present

Police Officer

I’m in service for almost 8 years. I am an investigator handling women and children cases in which I enhanced my  ability in scrutinizing things/people and at the same time I am a secretariat in Strategy Management section, wherein  analysis and approach regarding crime prevention and crime solution are being studied and crafted. Therefore, these may prove that I can properly manage my schedule well and able to do multi-task.   

Customer Relation Assistant


After I graduated in college, I worked as Customer Relation Assistant in LCC Supermarket while waiting for the schedule of the Criminology Board Exam. I experienced how to interact customers. I also learned that you must  understand and satisfy what’s customer  expectations to be able them to become your  loyal buyers.

About Me

I’m an aspiring freelancer preferably as AMAZON VA. I have two reasons why I joined freelance world, first is for personal growth because I’m always willing to learn new things and I want to give the best future for my kids. My curiosity about freelancing triggered when I accidentally watched the ads of Quickpro so I visited google and  social media to do some research and I immediately enrolled/availed OBM and maximized my time to develop my skills. Luckily, here I am now,  building my journey in freelance world by  offering  High Caliber services to Amazon Sellers. 



Online Business Masterclass

I’m very grateful that I joined Quickpro OBM. It helps me a lot in identifying my strengths and  considering my weaknesses. I learned to embrace challenges and went out from my comfort zone. I abled to equip myself with the necessary skills so that I can provide high quality service to Amazon Sellers.


Bachelor of Science in Criminology


Amazon Product Research 88%
Product Listing 86%
Sourcing and Shipping 87%
Customer Support 90%
Excel 89%
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What is the importance of product research?

It helps you identify lucrative product to sell on Amazon, it also ascertain the needs of Amazon million plus customers. Being great in product research can make seller to stand out among his competitors.

Why do we need to optimize product listing?

Because it simply upgrade your product pages to increase its search visibility, increase click-through rate, and conversion rate then yield to more sales

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How the sourcing and shipping done?

Finding suppliers or manufacturers who can provide  you a high quality product, in a reasonable price and in safest/secured way.


The Role of Customer Support.

Must address the issues of the customer and  resolve it immediately and provide them helpful information. And ensuring that customers are satisfied with your products, services and features.

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You can work 10x times faster than usual and even more organized. 

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