Kenneth Roy Isidro

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March 2018 – January 2019

Graphic Artist, Ryoaki Group of Companies Incorporated

I can produce quality promotion and marketing collaterals. Produce Photo shoot for products display and layout.

October 2016 – January 2018

Clean Up Background Artist (CUBG), Snipple Animation Studio, Incorporated

I do outlines design of animation background for Disney’s Big Hero Six: The Series and Duck Tales series. I make specific quality final outlines for backgrounds before color development.

February 2016 - September 2016

Freelance Assistant Animator, TOPPEG Animation and Creative Studio Incorporated

I can make quality in-betweens and cleanups required between key drawings to develop final scene for an animation episode or game scenes.

December 2013 – November 2014

Tajima Tape Maker (freelance)

I can make embroidery design development using Tajima Program to produce embroidery layout samples and approved by the clients then fed into the embroidery machine for mass production.

February 2010 – November 2013

Graphic Artist, Jardy Marketing

I can make collegiate sports wear designs for colleges and universities like: jerseys, P.E. uniforms, jackets, caps etc. In charge with customer needs and coordinate with the different departments for new product development.

About Me

Hi! I have been working for many years. I handled and performed different roles such as clean-up background designer for animation, collegiate wear designer for sports wear, collateral materials designer within a multi-business company and even designs for Shopify.

I have advanced skills in Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Premier. I also have knowledge in Shopify, WordPress, and Microsoft Office.

I enjoy and love swimming, going to fitness gym, sketching, shopping, traveling and cooking, etc.


"the only mistake in life is the lesson not learned"

- Albert Einstein



3D Animation Technopreneurship Training


Technical Trade Skill in 2D Traditional and Digital Animation


4-in-1 Adobe Training Package


Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (CoEng)


Diploma in Computer and Electronics Technology (DCET)


Adobe Photoshop 91%
Adobe Illustrator 84%
Adobe Premiere 88%
Adobe InDesign 79%
Corel Draw 89%
Shopify 80%
WordPress 77%
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Using Adobe Premiere Pro, I made a video demo about using Adobe Photoshop while showing how to make a disintegration effect or a person turning to dust by using Photoshop modified brushes and patterns.

This is my demo about using Adobe Photoshop for modifying a stock photo and turning it to be a highly modified image with lighting effects. It showcase my capabilities of manipulating images with the use of brushes in Photoshop to produce realistic lighting effects immersive enough to create illusion of showing an environment made of fantasy. I made this presentation by using Adobe Premiere Pro

Play Video
Play Video

I’ve been doing sketches when I was still attending school. I love making portraits when I was young but my attention is now focused on showcasing my skills in using Adobe apps. Even so, I recorded myself in doing a sketch again after many years. I’ve made this video with Premiere Pro and added some motion graphics while on it.

I wanted to share my knowledge particularly about different kinds of video cuts that I frequently use. I made this video presentation to showcase clients my familiarity when it comes to editing video clips. I set examples by choosing some popular movies made awhile back, in order for the clients to co-relate with the type of cut being used. I used Adobe Premiere Pro to produce this presentation.

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These are some of my past works when I still work on garments industry. I can design jerseys, jackets, T-shirts, caps, lanyards and mugs. I used to make designs for collegiate wear and I used Corel Draw for many years. I collected my designs and compiled it into a single slide show. If you want to see my previous works, you can visit this link: I made this using Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Las Piñas, Philippines

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