Karlvin Gamaliel
T. Amador

About Me:

                  An enthusiastic freelancer eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail and excellent organizational skills. Motivated to learn, grow and excel together with my fellow colleagues. I have been trained to do all of the occupational skills you see below. 


  • I’m a proactive  college graduate with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Classical Philosophy and has flexible set of skills.
  • Demonstrates aptitude for developing new skills.
  • Strong critical thinking skill; understanding and solving inappropriate problems that comes along with the work.
  • Possess special sensitivity and punctual in every work needed to be done.

Work Experience

Amazon Virtual Assistant

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Hwago Digital

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[email protected]

Unity Network: Network Marketing

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Karlvin Gamaliel T. Amador

Virtual Assistant 

A passionate worker with four years of experience in team planning, critical thinking, analytical skill in his previous institution. Aiming to leverage academic experience customer service, social works and back office operations to successfully fill to whatever position your company offers.