Jose Praxedes Doronila Jr.

Video Editor



2021 - Present


I shoot and edit my own vlog as my partime hobby.

2020 - Present

Grabfood Delivery

I serve as the intermediary between restaurant and other establishments and their customers, requiring good interpersonal and conflict-resolution skills.

2017 - 2019

Giga Storage Inc.

Heavy machine operator of solar company. 

About Me

I am a very curious person if i see something that I dont understand I can never rest until I’ve fully understood it. I also love to travel to some places and do my vlogging and edit it on my own, actually I have a Facebook page. I am Also a father of two kids.



BSHRM Associate Course University of San Agustin


Asian Touch International
Barista course


University of San Agustin
Secondary Level


Video Editing 85%
Computer Literacy 80%
Accuracy 90%
Positive Attitudes 90%
Effficiency 85%
Problem Solving 90%
Multi Tasking 90%
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Video Edting is my currently passion, I make my own vlog content and edit it. I use FilmoraX Video Editor for almost a year and now I am currently learning fast about Adobe Premiere Pro and I know almost all the basic. I also do my own thumbnail using Canva.

Those are some of my video works. Please check out my Facebook page and youtube channel SILIP ADVENTURE.


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