September 2018 - May 2020

eBay Seller / Dropshipping

  • Doing and managing all facets of the store.

Shopify Store Part-time VA

  • Customer service and Order fulfillments.

Amazon Part-time VA

  • Customer service and Order fulfillment.

Walmart Part-time VA

  • Order fulfillments and Customer service.
Since 2005

Microsoft Office Expert
Specialized in Excel

Advanced in Google Suite

About Me

I’m a professional freelancer. I have been working for many years now and done a lot of projects, be it corporate or personal. I have been trained to do all of the occupational skills you will see here. Feel free to see what I can do for you. 



QuickPro Online Academy

  • Create webpage, design, web developments and website optimization. On-page SEO, SEO Keywords planning, Off-page SEO such as Outbound and Backlinking. Mailchimp Outsourcing Marketing, Copywriting, Chatbot and Appointment setting.

Full-Stack Web Development


QuickPro Online Academy
Online Business Masterclass


Ebay/Walmart/Amazon 98%
Shopify 97%
Excel 99%
Web Design/Wordpress 99%
HTML/CSS/JavaScript 97%
WooCommerce 94%
Sales Funnel & Lead Generation 90%
Video Editing 90%
Mailchimp 88%

Major Personality Traits

I am a person who loves to learn, be it in professional or personal aspects. I have my limitations, weaknesses that I turn to wisdom.
Jeyyar on workstation
Proactive, agile, responsible
and result-oriented


See what I can do for you!



I help E-Commerce business owners generate 20% more sales within 6 months GUARANTEED!


Shopify/WooCommerce setting-up

If you’re looking for the one who can set-up your WooCommerce/Shopify account using wordpress, and you have no time, then I can help you setting up your business.


Web Development

As a Web Developer, I can help you create and manage your website[s] to optimize your business.

SEO Analyst/Strategist

If you’re looking for the one who can set-up your webpage from the scratch and provide you Free SEO plugins to optimize your websites.

If you need only On-page SEO, Written SEO, or Off-page “backlinking/outbound” SEO, I am glad to contribute my skills. 

I’ll provide a Free SEO Plugins, SSL, and Content Delivery Network (like CloudFare and etc.) to your website, for Free!

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I can help you design your own website.

  • Make applications that address the phases of software development life cycle
  • Develop comprehensive application testing procedures
  • Update existing applications to meet the security and functionality standards as outlined in the company’s website policies
  • Implement testing tools that monitor the ongoing performance of the company website
  • Assist in updating application development policies to ensure that all future applications meet the latest technical requirements
  • Create a very responsive website that will be compatible responsive with any device (mobile, tablet, and desktop) bowsers.

I am a trusted and motivated member of the community of shopify store. I can provide you with a high-quality services to help your business thrive.  I am specializing all facets of the ecommerce platform. Strong hands to Install & Customize new Shopify theme. 

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Contact mobile Number
+63 967 649 3470
Gmail Email
Whatsapp Number
+63 907 024 1415

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