jay is always a pleasure to work with for illustrations. He pays close attention to the written "source" material and gets the little details right. It always makes my day to see each illustration come through and see how Jay has translated my words into pictures. This was my fourth project with Jay and - as before - I'm already looking forward to the next one


Skills with creativity
Plantitas Illustrator sample
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“I’m an experienced Graphic Designer. … I can talk more about my experience and skills that make me a good fit for this job, but mostly I’m just passionate about Design. It’s what I think about 24/7. I love what your company is doing in the industry, and I’d love to bring my enthusiasm to your team.”

T shirt Design
Plantita shirt design
Tsismosa vectorize design

about me

I’m excellent in graphics and video editing, and highly creative and multitalented in illustrator and I have magnificent skills as web developer and as a social media manager. I was certified with known QuickPro..

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