Harold Bench

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2021 - Present


I manage my auntie’s business laundry shop because of my leader attitude. Locate at Manila Philippines.

2018 - 2020


I am an email copywriter in my mom’s business. It became more popular and beneficial because of my strategies.

2016 - 2018

Virtual Assistant Email Marketing

I’ve been an VA Email Marketing. I utilize MAILCHIMP. for emails and basics MS Office to make my tasks organized. My clients are very satisfied with my works, that’s why they become popular.

2019 - 2020

Appointment Setter (Freelance)

I have been an appointment setter in my local client. I execute appointments both verbal and non-verbal



Solano South Central


Bignay National Highschool


Integrity Innovation and Hospitality Colleges


Copywriting 90%
Email Marketing 84%
Graphics Designer 74%
Transcription 82%
Appointment Setter 90%

Writing is my passion. I write words through my heart, I always give a deeply meaning and genuinely forms. I also write with strategies to get more attention and to influence the stakeholders. 

I also like making logo, poster, social media posts. I use Photoshop and Canva. And im making sure that my art will be a hundred percent attractive 

I also transcript any kind of audio or video. I studied transcripting for almost a year at Quickpro Academy and luckily I pass their tests in this course.

I am once a Appointment Setter freelance in my local client. I did all the works passionately. And I am sharp person.

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