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I am a freelancer, I have been trained to do all of the occupational skill you see down below. feel to see what can I do for you




Alvarando Machine Shop

Turning Machine


Cortess Printing Press



Shimadzu Precision Technology, ltd.

Machine Inspection



Bachelor Industrial Technology-Mechanical Technology


A Trainee Freelancer in QuickPro


WordPress 60%
Premier Pro 85%
Lightroom 90%
Photoshop 80%
After Effects 80%
Canva 95%
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I know website design. I can create websites with full functioning pages, responsive designs and complete with plug-ins and animations. I can also provide newsletters, membership plug-ins, videos, image galleries and more.

Editing videos comes a long way. You will be taught how to add effects on both audio and video, you will be taught how to manage timing and emotions an also how to utilize these skills on creating powerful videos.

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Color grading and manipulate defferent color from raw to jpeg

Accordion Content

removed background, enhance the color, add accessories to subject, and layering mask is a efficient  way to changes to a images without affecting your original image.I like grouping or coloring in the layer in order to see easily under your work.right! Very efficient to use

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I know how to manipulate layers. organize the elements

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