About Me


2014 - Present

Teritorial Distributor Sales Supervisor


Major Responsibilities:

Business Analysis, Planning, & Execution

  • Participates in the formulation of plans/programs for specific areas to ensure alignment with the district and region.
  • Executes, monitors, and evaluates strategies and plans/programs for the assigned area and recommends improvements to immediate superior/team leaders.

Distributor Enhancement

  • Facilitates and participates in distributor’s strategic quarterly business reviews, strategic, and tactical review and planning.
  • Designs and establishes right coverage structure for all customers’ especially key strategic customers of distributors.

Operational Efficiency

  • Performs assessment and improves on current processes and systems, to ensure the fast and superior execution of initiatives and plans both in accounts handled and distributor covered accounts.
  • Implements discipline in the coverage system to achieve business plans by ensuring that customers are being served in a most cost effective manner and frequency.

People Management

  • Manages the performance of the sales force, through training, coaching, and evaluation.
  • Monitors and evaluates performance and efficiency of team members, processes, and procedures to ensure relevance and support in the achievement of business objectives.

Claims Staff

Hanseatic Shipping Phils., Inc.

 Job Discription & Resposibilities

  • Monitors Medical and Office Regular Claims
  • Prepares Medical And Regular Claims Report
  • Monitors Legal Medical Cases
  • Prepares Sickwages Computations, Billing & Payment Vouchers
  • Releases Check Vouchers of Clients, Last Wages And Illness Allowance


Computer Teacher

Teaching basic parts and functions of the computer for the primary level. Basic programming for the Intermediate level using HTML, Visual Basic, Dreamweaver and also Basic function of word processors using Microsoft Office.

About Me

I am a graphic designer, professional within the graphic arts industry who assembles together images, typography to create a piece to design. I am a hardworking person, I can worked with minimal supervisions, and Quick learner and can easily adapt to any difficult situation. Lastly, I’m also a great leader and motivator for the team.




Bachelor of Science in Information Technology



Photoshop 80%
Canva 85%
Illustrator 70%
Microsoft Office Apilications 90%
WordPress 40%


Certified Safety Officer (BOSH)

Licensed Life Insurance Agent (PSMBFI)

Certificate of Emergency Scout of the Philippines

Certificate of Literacy Training Services (LTS)

Certificate of Community Extension Service Program (CES)

Certificate of Attendance ISO 9001:2008 Orientation Course

Certificate of Participation – Workshop on Empowering Effective Teaching

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Here are some of my Canva Creations, hope you like it.

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Jane Tagalog

Hanseatic Shipping Phils., Inc.  (Office Staff)

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Juniada Calbe

Unilever Phils. (Territorial Distributor Executive) 

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Rizalee Micu

Isonn Marketing  (Office Staff)

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Jonathan Depay

Isonn Marketing (Sales Supervisor)

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Jun Tayaban

Newest Food Marketing (Sales Supervisor)

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Pamela Reyes

Mondelez Phils. (Territorial Distributor Executive)


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