Edreann Adion

Premium Amazon FBA&Shopify VA

I help Amazon FBA and Shopify sellers build, amplify and optimize their business and boost revenue organically without overextending their resources through my efficient marketing strategies and lessen expense by effective inventory and Seller Account management, increase leads with a high ROI and proven record of converting sales, and retain customers through my A+ customer service.  

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About Me

I am an analytical thinker and a problem solver VA who thrives in fast-paced, dynamic environments. Reliable, effective listener, result-driven, passionate and work with a high-quality standard in accomplishing goals to drive success and continued growth of your business. I treat your business as my business. No matter what I’m working on, I am very invested. I’m always eager to learn more and grow. Outside my professional life, I love to travel, cook and spend time running, cycling and being physically active outdoors. I love waffles, ice cream, chocolates, nutella crepes and chipotle salad.


Amazon Seller VA Masterclass


8-week most advanced and world-class training program in the Philippines that teaches Filipinos exact techniques on how to become Amazon VA experts

Quickpro Online Academy


Learning hard things the easy way. Helping business that coaches many individuals into pursuing jobs. Offers most in-demand and updated courses that will help achieve an online profession and earn a high paying job. 


Affiliate Marketing Publisher

Involve Asia

Owner /Manager

CRE.PH & LEMONS Food and Beverage Station


Google(Sheets, Forms, Drive, Gmail)

MS Office(Excel, Powerpoint, Word)








amazon fba services

Key Elements to have a Successful Amazon FBA & ShopifyBusiness
  • Product Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Supplier Sourcing
  • Listing Creation/Optimization
  • Amazon PPC Ads
  • Customer Service
  • Social Media Management/CRM
  • Email Marketing Management
  • Seller Account Management


  • Slack
  • Asana
  • Trello
  • Time Doctor


Shopify 85%
Product Research 90%
Keyword Research 90%
Product Listing Creation/Optimization 85%
Supplier Sourcing 90%
Customer Service 95%
Inventory Management 90%
Seller Account Management 88%
Helium10 90%
WordPress 88%
Social Media Admin/CRM 85%
Photoshop 88%
Web Development 85%
SEO On-Page/Off-Page 85%
Manychat 90%
Mailchimp 90%



8-week most advanced and world-class training program in the Philippines that teaches Filipinos exact techniques on how to become Amazon VA experts.This is an advanced A-Z, exact and complete hands-on Amazon VA training from product research to inventory management to sponsored ads given by certified Amazon Sellers.
Issued: 2021-04-29

Helium 10 Freedom Ticket Certification

Freedom Ticket is one of the biggest and most popular guides on the internet for Amazon sellers. Helium 10, on the other hand, is the best research and data analysis tool for sellers.
Issued: 2021-04

Amazon DSP Campaigns Certification

Validates an individual’s proficiency in Amazon Advertising programmatic offerings, including Amazon DSP supply and creative types, campaign optimization, reporting, and ad policy.
Completion ID:919571

Sponsored Ads Foundation Certification

Validates an individual's proficiency in Amazon's Sponsored Ads, like Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands, with emphasis on retail readiness, sponsored ads strategy, and campaign optimization.

Completion ID:793398 Expires: March 18, 2022

Amazon Retail for Advertisers Certification

Validates an individual's proficiency in Amazon retail programs as they relate to advertising strategy. Topics include differentiating among types of selling partners, navigating the basics of Seller Central and Vendor Central, optimizing product detail pages for retail readiness, and planning with retail insights and analytic tools.
Completion ID:801666 Expires: April 27, 2022

Email Marketing Certification

As the most powerful strategy for marketers in terms of ROI, certainly online marketing you need to explore, regardless if you are blogging to support your business, you have an e-commerce website.
Certificate Number:CERT001355588-EMI

*My portfolio is under construction so please watch out for more..

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  • I can help you find  profitable products that meets your vision and market demand within your product criteria using Black Box, Trendster, Product X-ray Helium10 product research tools, Jungle Scout and other resources.
  • Find product that has a high demand but low competition, not seasonal, no legal issues, branding potential, room for customization and for long-term using my unique product research strategies.

Help you with analyzing customer search behavior  and gather relevant and performing keywords that has a proven record of converting sales by filtering your top competitors array of relevant keywords using Helium10 keyword research tool such as Cerebro, Magnet2

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  • Create and design  your Shopify store from scratch. Sell products from Oberlo and Ali-Express.
  •  Manage and optimize your account, manage orders, customer service, shipments, create discounts and integrate plug-ins that will make your Shopify store convert more leads and develop a sort of urgency for the customers to buy your products. 
  • Help you find reliable and verified supplier/manufacturer for long- term partnership
  • Negotiate prices but do not compromise the quality, request product sample and quotation.
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  • Create good product detail page that drives the customer to make a purchase. 
  • Title, Bullets, Description using gathered data with  proven high conversion rate search terms, relevant and performing keywords  using Frankeinstein, Scribbles Helium10 tools
  • Ensure that your product will be indexed by Amazon A9
  • Optimize product listing by intensive product keyword research with the right keywords gathered from analyzed data that works and converts.
  • Optimize images and EBC content
  • Help you create and launch efficient campaigns along  with your set objectives and rank organically with less spend.
  • Reviewing and optimizing  existing campaigns. 
  • Launch Manual and Automatic Campaigns with effective bidding strategies 
  • Check and analyze data if the campaign is performing or not, to adjust bids efficiently and to know which campaign needs to optimize
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  • Help you retain customers using my outstanding customer service skills
  •  Manage day-to day customer service via Seller Central by managing buyer-seller messages, responding to positive feedbacks and deal with negative feedback professionally and with empathy
  • Solve customer complaints using my BLAST method
  • Provide stellar customer service and ensure human contact
  • Create a good order and shipping plan
  • Monitor inventory to ensure sufficient supply 
  • Monitor orders and shipping from the suppliers to ensure smooth supply and sales chain
  • Create shipping labels and forecast stocking to adhere on a new Amazon stocking limits
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Create websites with full functioning pages, responsive designs and complete with plug-ins and animations. I can also provide newsletters, membership plug-ins, videos, image galleries and more.

  • Help you manage your store while you work on the more important aspect of the business, have more time spend with your family and live more
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Whatever you do, do it with INTEGRITY & ACCOUNTABILITY

Wherever you go, go as a LEADER

Whomever you work, treat as your Own

Whenever you dream, DREAM with your all

and Never, ever give up.


Help Amazon and Shopify Sellers deal with their day-to-day task and provide solution to their business struggles.

  • Edreann is attentive to detail while he keeps up with tight deadlines. I believe his skills are especially suited for any Amazon business. I offer my highest recommendation for Edreann, as I believe that he would be an asset to any organization.

    Haidee Dungca

    Amazon Virtual Assistant
  • Edreann and I studied the Amazon Seller VA Masterclass of AmazonationPH and I must say that he’s passion to his profession is evident. He is highly-skilled and dedicated in being an asset to any Amazon Seller he will work with.

    Riya Mae Mauricio

    Amazon Advertising Strategist|PPC & SEO
  • Edreann is my fellow Amazon VA Masterclass student in Amazonation PH. He is very passionate and dedicated in honing his skills to become a highly-skilled Amazon Seller VA. Any Amazon seller will be lucky to have him on the team!

    Ronnie Tabuzo Jr.

    Amazon FBA Account Specialist

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