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Darlene Dhey L. Sison

About Me:

                 I’m a professional freelancer. I have been trained to do all of the occupational skills that can you see below. I have been working for years now and have done lots of projects. Feel free to see what I can do for you.


Photoshop 88%

Know my Skills more:

Illustrator 90%
Designer 89%
Video Editing​ 89%


Best way to describe me

Major Traits

A reliable professional and a highly dedicated person. I believe that having these traits are the reason why I have accumulated a lot of skills because when I see something I don’t know, I always find a way to understand and master it. The type of person who never gives up on something I aim to finish. I also admit my limitations, but that won’t stop me from aiming higher. Also, a self-proclaimed multi-skilled individual with a heart of curiosity.

Very curious person/multi-skilled

Highly Motivated

My Works:

Poster I made for the Walsh Band:

          Here are some samples of my works~




Walsh Band: Concert Poster (Adobe Illustrator)

Educational Background

On-the-Job Training:

Has finished 300 hours on-the-job training under the Land Transportation Office (LTO) – San Pablo City, on the field of training under finance division.


  “The relationship of business to environment” held at Laguna State Polytechnic University Campus Gymnasium on January 2014.

Tertiary Education: (College)

Laguna State Polytechnic University – San Pablo City Campus

Course Graduated:

(BSBA) FM- Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Major in Financial Management


Work Experience

I believe that even how big or small, every accomplishment we have in life is part of what makes us who we are today.

Customer service: SM

Bookkeeping secretary: APLC

Bookkeeping: Wilcon Depot

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