Camille A. Domingo

My goal is to help you and your company achieve its goals.




Social Media Administrator

I worked as a Social media administrator in a Job recruitment company for freelancers. I manage all the social media accounts of the clients and post appropriate articles fit for the account and answer queries regarding the company.


Shopify Expert and Builder

I have an experience in building shopify store. 

2010 - 2013

Website Administrator

I I used to work in a company that hires freelancers and I am the on to interview the applicants as well as the clients.

About Me

I have a lot of experience in freelancing and I can say that I can work well with colleagues. I am very obedient and has a lot of innovative ways to further develop the product or service that the client provides. Despite of having an experience in freelancing, I am still investing in my skills by continuously enrolling on courses that will help me to serve my client better.



Freelancing Masterclass


Master of Arts in Educational Management


Amazon FBA Expert 89%
Shopify Expert 93%
Photoshop 66%
Bookkeeping 60%
Social Media Administrator 85%

I can make good graphics using Canva for promotion and other purposes.

To show you a sample, please watch the video.

Sample of Logo is in the background.

I can build a Shopify store with the theme that you wanted and organize it according to your preference. I can also do bookkeeping on Shopify stores and Manage the account.

Here is the link of simple sample of Shopify Store that I built for you to see.

Charmer chick ~ Home ~ Shopify

Password: neiguy

Please watch the video to see the sample store that I created.

I can help your company in doing product research via paid or free method. I can also set up payments for your store and manage the deliveries. I can help your company by utilizing various tools that will help me efficiently do the job.

I can help you in Bookkeeping as well. I am expert in using quickbooks to keep track of your Business Analytics.

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