Stages of Building Design

The LOD doesn’t seem to be outlined deliberately by design phases. Rather, design phases completion, as well as any other milestone or deliverable, can be described through the LOD language. There are several important reasons for this approach:

1) The first reason is that there is no detailed standard available for the design phase. Earlier architects have created standards but existing within an organization. The standards differ from one organization to another, and it can even differ within a single organization according to the requirements of a project.

2) Building systems progress from concept to precise definition at different rates, so at any given time different elements will be at different points along with this progression. For example, after the Schematic Design phase, the model will include many elements at LOD 200, but will also include many at LOD 100, as well as some at LOD 300, and possibly even LOD 400.

*Excerpt from, LOD 100-200-300-400-500, LOD and Design Phase.


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