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If you're overweight, worried about your sugar-level, worried about your blood pressure or simply want to live healthier than this blueprint is for you!

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Hello, My name is Clark and believe me, I’m no superman, as a matter of fact, I was teased as the fat-cafeteria-kid back in high school. To make matters worse, I took up a job after college that stationed me to work from home. Do you know what that means?

No morning walks, no flights of stairs, and not even a walk in an elevator to burn some cals. This made me worry because my mom is a nurse and she would scare me by showing me my vitals EVERY MONTH!

One day, my mom invited me to this gym class and inside it, there was not one single gym equipment at all! The exercises were done by simply using the floor. After that I talked to the gym expert and he gave me 5 other gyms that teaches exercise routines with no equipment needed.

I visited all these gyms, and even took some time to create a diet plan after doing some research and visits in 3 hospital nutritionists.

It took me almost a year to finally get all these valuable actionable steps, and now I’m living a healthier, and better lifestyle and it feels SO GOOD!

That’s why I created this Health and Weight Max Blueprint, so you don’t have to visit several hospitals, several gyms and research lots of case studies! And to make it even better I’m giving this away for free! Yes, the best things in life are free my friend!

What this Blueprint is NOT

I don't plan to waste your time or efforts.

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OMG! This blueprint is very very applicable kahit saan ka man. I'm not typically work from home, but our office allows us to exercise and I can say, even my work mates are now in on it!

Clarice Rain


As a single mom, it is very hard to joggle work time and exercise and motherhood, but with this 45-minute daily application, I was able to burn fats and feel amazing in just ONE MONTH! THANK YOU CLARK, you are indeed Superman!



I have been single for a long time now. i'm funny, caring, but I guess people just dont pay attention if you're not FIT. With this Blueprint, I gained lots of new friends and new dates wohoo!



At first I was skeptical, but I decided to give it a try, and BOY it did me good. I lost weight, and my BP and sugar levels have decreased thanks to the diet plan! Thank you Superman!



Wow you actually reached the bottom!

Now, I’m not exactly sure what your motivation will be for getting this blueprint.

Maybe you just want to have the peace of mind and not be worried about your health and your body figure.

Or maybe you’re an overachiever and you want to impress the opposite gender!

It’s your choice.

You already know it’s possible.

You’ve seen it happen for our members.

You saw how ordinary people are now living extraordinary lives using that very same strategies which you’re about to discover inside this blueprint.

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