"I help start-up owners digitally break out of their shell through empowering Lead Generation strategies to be implemented on their respective mass media platforms."


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social media manager

A continuing Engineering student with a passion for Web Dev / Web Design as well as freelance digital content management that requires someone who keeps an ear to the ground and a taste for striking a chord with the target audience. I'm an enthusiast for anything that requires marketing management and artistry, making use of my coherent organization and creativity skills. Holding myself accountable for training in such soft skills as proactiveness, communication, SMART goal-setting, workaholism, holistic growth, compassion, and most importantly, adaptability.

Marketable Skills


WordPress development can be an easily acquired skill for anyone. However, I took it upon myself to be one step ahead by creating minimalist, optimized Woocommerce websites using only the best, free plugins from the repository. Most importantly, I understand the importance of funnel deployment through which conversions are made on the website.


Creating a sales copy isn’t something that can be acquired by being a proficient English speaker alone. There has to be a certain amount of effective but succinct way with words that isn’t easily achieved through semantic studies but through learning by experience in sales and marketing.


This has been my go-to niche if all else fails. I’m a typist by hobby and spreadsheets are my bread-and-butter. As such, I’ve managed to complete the whole of typing courses being offered by typing.com to such a degree that my accuracy rate as well as typing speed are well within acceptable rate for an entry-level data entry typist.


Contrary to popular beliefs, running a Facebook ad isn’t necessarily an outlay in the most strict sense. It is a very rewarding short to long-term investment that hinges upon the performance of the ad itself worked on by someone conversant with the same through a complete understanding of its mechanics and through previous trial-and-errors as well for good measure.



Graphic media files created with Canva are as easy as they come. It should be given that this niche is one of the most basic tools that every freelancer should learn in order to progress to a more advanced level and unlock more opportunities for growth.


It is the foundation of good freelancing career to start with. As such, I made it a point to be familiar with and subsequently knowledgeable in the use of this application so that I can systematically make use of its versatility and keep up with its omnipresence in a freelancer’s line of work.


(a.k.a. the all-around niche) A very cozy niche to find yourself in at the beginning of your freelancing career. And you stand an excellent chance to reap the fundamental skills of what it means to be a freelancer to boot. Communication skills, marketing skills, graphic designing, lead generation, customer service – basically the whole shebang of characteristics that are ought to be possessed by an ideal freelancer venturing into the digital age.


12-in-1 franchise business

In my search for a perfect start-up business, this JC and Toktok conglomeration franchising business has since been my Saving Grace. 

I found that not only does it offer so many ways (up to 12 different ways or business modalities under 1 franchise name) to earn on the retailing and servicing side of it, but also does it empower its business partners such as myself to share the blessings by helping other potential partners drive it home under their own franchise business with consistent follow-throughs at every step they take.

As a result, I recently decided to put up a landing page as a Web Dev where I showcase the many aspects of this very business that can help anyone searching for answers to financial problems in these uncertainty-laden times of a pandemic outbreak. So, catch you on the other side.

Meanwhile, on top of the landing page above, I’ve been tending to 2 Facebook pages as a Social Media Manager and Graphic Designer for posts where I intend to make most of the brand awareness and organic reach campaigns to inform and share the Good News that this JC & Toktok franchise business has been meaning to disseminate among the wider audience across the Philippines and beyond.

Tiktok viral budol shop
youtube channel

A very straightforward and informative YouTube channel catering to those who look beyond the noise to find the greatest hauls in online shopping in the Philippines at least. We can be easily said to be value-minded consumers who are only intent on putting front and center those sellers sharing the same mantra of being resourceful in online shopping and understand that cheap should be based on how the quality is relative to price in the retailing industry.

Mind you, we purely make our stuff here from the ground up, putting up materials from multiple users on their own hauls to feature and collate in one YouTube video. In short, we do affiliate marketing through YouTube.

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Bernard Paul
De Pano

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“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.”

• Kevin durant

“The measure of who we are is how we react to something that doesn’t go our way.

• Gregg popovich

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