Graphics Designer|Video Editor

Annie Grace Frias


My name is Grace and I’m a graphic designer & Video Editor. I am versatile in graphics designs, logo designs, and video editing. I can use adobe photoshop for photo editing and has the ability to find solutions to problems.


I work with LOVE and Passion!

I have been trained in photo editing using Adobe photoshop 2020 and MS Powerpoint. I can do youtube thumbnails, Facebook posts, and IG pictures. In fact, I have been managing my own social media account.  I am happy to help you create a unique and creative design for your business needs.

  • Brand Boards
  • 3D Designs
  • Custom Design Logo
  • Creative & Aesthetic Design
  • Image & Video Editing
  • Eye-catching Social Media Graphics
  • Photo editing such as cropping, removing background
  • Optimizing images and for websites


Custom Logos design

Photo editing

Adobe Photoshop

Sony Vegas

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