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2018 - 2021

Sales Executive

I assist walk-in clients in purchasing car and asnwering phone call inquiries. I also do field work such as bank saturation and mall displays.

2021 - Present


I started off my freelancing career just this year. I still have yet to gain my years of experience in Social Media Management. That is why I have invested in joining an academy / a community that trains students/freelancers to gain skills and knowledge.

About Me

I am Allyssa Therese R. Balot. I have been trained to manage and conduct social media audits, to decide on the right social media platforms, to analyze the target social media audience, and to administer interactions with customers/audience.

I am a part of a healthy and toxic-free freelancer community, and we help each other progress and improve more on our chosen expertise. As of now, I am also learning more about Website Development to create wholistic approach and not to limit myself on just one expertise.



Social Media Management

Customer Relationship Management


BSBA Major in Management


Social Media Platforms 95%
Social Media Management 91%
Customer Relationship Management 92%
Sales (B2C) 94%
WordPress 60%


Two Major Personality Traits

I am a person who never gives up easily on something I aim to achieve. I also admit my limitations, but that won’t stop me from aiming higher to achieve high career growth through a continuous learning process. I keep myself dynamic, visionary and competitive with the fast changing scenario of the world.

Highly Motivated

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Need an expert? You are more than welcome to contact me. Please state your desired appointment time along with your designated time-zone and send me the job description. My current time zone is PH. I reply promptly within the day.