August, 2020 - Present

General Virtual Assisant

I am assigned to do multiple Admin and Marketing tasks using different tools like Google drive; docs; sheets; calendar for my client.  I update my clients database and post tasks and activities on her Calendar.  I send emails to their prospective clients as well and i do research needed for each project. I use WhatsApp to communicate with them and Zoom for meetings. 


Bazaar Booth Owner

I owned a dry goods store before, booth type inside the mall. I owned 2 booths and salespersons each booth. On the first booth, we sell children’s shoes, slippers and adult flipflops.  I became a reseller of Banana Peel, a well-known brand of flipflops back then.  On the second booth, we sell different kinds of bags, from school bags to travelling bags. and pouches.  My husband and i decided to stop the business operation due to my sensitive pregnancy because i was the one who manage everything from buying of goods to store operations.


Marketing Assistant

I was assigned  to make and perform various Marketing Activities of a Computer School (AMA-CLC) such as participating to different High School activities intended for the senior graduating students. Conducting promotional activities inside the School such as Referral program where we give discounts on tuition fees to students who can be able to convince other students to enroll at AMA-CLC.   The main objective is to increase the number of enrollees every semester and to be able to produce quality graduates.





QuickPro Online Academy - Online Business MasterClass


Udemy - Digital Marketing


Polytechnic University of the Philippines - Bachelor in Business Administration Major in Marketing


Amazon FBA Expert 89%
WordPress 61%
Illustrator 71%
InDesign 50%
Html & CSS 85%
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I’m an Amazon FBA expert and I can help manage your orders, respond to customer inquiries, receive reviews and manage the shipping so that you won’t have to worry one bit about these maintenace tasks!

Editing videos comes a long way. You will be taught how to add effects on both audio and video, you will be taught how to manage timing and emotions an also how to utilize these skills on creating powerful videos.

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Learn everything about Amazon. How they handle shipping, how they manage their clients. Assist clients abroad with their amazon FBA account. This includes product listing, customer support, social media management, utilizing influencers and promoting their Amazon store as well.

Become a Shopify expert and even learn to create your own Shopify store and start selling items online without owning a single product! This tutorial gives you the complete details of everything that has to do with SHOPIFY!

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Master website design and become a real pro. You will be taught how to use plugins, pages, links, SEO, designs and animations to make your Website fashionable and functional!

Master website design and become a real pro. You will be taught how to use plugins, pages, links, SEO, designs and animations to make your Website fashionable and functional!

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